Photo shoot appointment – a view behind the scenes
Here you see what it’s like during a professional photo shoot. We were in Switzerland to take some pictures with our team and partners. In addition to our fashion models and our photographer, Tanya, we were joined by a make-up artist, stylist, several assistants, Corinna from our marketing team and Daniela, a graphic designer. And the mothers of our child models were there too, of course. Thanks to Martin Gross for the “Making of” video (concept, video and editing). For two days we had a lot of fun doing a lot of work. 🙂

We took pictures for various purposes, including this website and brochures as well as images for journalists and bloggers. We needed images for various seasons. This photo shoot took place in winter, but since we were shooting in a studio, we were also able to get some bikini shots and pictures with other summer outfits. Since our earrings and studs are worn by children, teenagers and adults alike, we worked with models in various age groups. Kids were there, too. Not such an easy task to actually get one to look into the camera. This was quite a challenge, especially when it came to group shots.

Of course the professional models are accustomed to this. Looking into the camera, showing off the earrings, looking totally natural, while at the same time behaving as though they were totally unaffected by the chaos behind the camera—to be honest: I could never do that. Alright, I’m not a model anyway. 😉 Speaking of chaos, it’s hard to believe, how much hard work goes into such a photo shoot and how many people are involved in it. Although some have seen Heidi Klum & Co. in action on Germany’s and America’s Next Top Model during such a photo shoot, all the work really only dawns on us once we’ve been a part of it. Over there a model is slipping into an outfit for the next shot, another model here is having her make-up applied and face powdered, the curler quickly springs into action over there one last time, while the little ones snack on granola bars and a fan is turned on a for a wind simulation.

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In the event you should attend a casting for such a photo shoot or if you want to optimize your photographs in your own fashion blog, here are a few tips:

Facing the camera straight on usually gives us a wider appearance. If that is not your intention, it usually looks better, if you stand slightly sideways while turning your upper body and your head and, more importantly, your eyes to face the camera. This is true for shots while seated as well as when you are standing. When you are seated, for example, turn your hips left or right (approximately to the 2 or 10 o’clock position) and your upper body back towards the camera. While standing you can achieve a good position by also turning your hips to one side, shifting your weight back slightly onto your back leg, while pointing your front foot towards the camera.

Most advertising requires images in which the models look into the camera and smile. During fashion shoots don’t just slip into another skin, but totally loose yourself in your role. Communicate with your eyes, your facial expressions and poses who you are right now. Ideally you should forget that you are in a photo shoot and should assume the role completely. In this way the images come across as authentic. A natural, warm smile is particularly easy, when you are able to recall a beautiful or funny memory.

If you do your own make-up for your fashion blog pictures, you really should pay attention to cover shiny skin. A good quality matte foundation which matches your skin, finished with powder, is ideal. Do not use products which contain glitter of any kind. Only your lips may shine.

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