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Recent browsing discovery: In episode 12, season 3 of the MTV US reality show “Jersey Shore”, Vinny is convinced by his roommates that having his ears pierced would be a great idea. All of them already wear earrings or studs. Guys like Pauly D. proudly show off the bling in their ears. Only Vinny is a bit of a baby at first.

Jersey Shore proves three things:

  1. Men aren’t always the big heroes.
  2. Ear piercing with Studex instruments is really no big deal.
  3. Earrings can turn you into a totally different guy.

Pauly D goes with Vinny to the Shore Store, where the ear piercing is supposed to take place. While Vinny admits on several occasions that he’s scared, Pauly D engages in his usual banter, “I don’t understand why his ears are not pierced yet. I got my ears pierced when I was like 7 years old.” Or, “Yeah, buddy, my boy’s becoming a man.” And, “BC, bro – be cool.”

After the first piercing with the Studex instrument, during which Vinny doesn’t even flinch, Pauly D exclaims, “Oh, ghetto express!” After the second piercing Vinny already feels much more cool and says, “I take it like a G. I don’t even flinch.” Pauly D assures Vinny that he’s got the “gangsta” look and that the studs have made him a new man, “Them earrings changed my man Vinny. He thinks he is the man. He’s even walking with a gangsta limp. He’s got his hat with a gangsta lean. Vinny thinks he’s the man now with his ears pierced.” 😉

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Too bad the ear piercing specialist indicated a rather narrow time period to Vinny in which the studs should remain in his ears without removing them. Instead of “2 to 3 weeks”, piercing studs should be worn continuously for a minimum of 6 weeks (see Our Care Advice for New Ear Piercings).

It’s also rather humorous to see how Vinny, who in the past has sat for 10 hours straight while being tatooed, fearfully asks his roommates what it feels like to get your ears pierced:

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